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8 People #BlockedByTrump on Twitter, From Stephen King to ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts (Photos)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

While Donald Trump​ ​likes to ​dole out criticism on Twitter, he certainly doesn’t like to receive it. ​And lately, he’s​ even​ blocking people for doing it.​ ​Here is the (growing) list of noteworthy people​ ​who have been​ ​#BlockedByTrump​ ​on ​his favorite social media platform.

Stephen King

The horror novelist and frequent Trump critic is the latest blockee, telling fans Trump had blocked him on Tuesday. Fortunately, King won’t have to miss out: “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling offered to DM Trump tweets directly to him.

“Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

President Trump didn’t explicitly block Scarborough and Brzezinski, but he did unfollow them. The “Morning Joe” duo are politically conservative, but emerged as vocal Trump critics in late 2016.

Bess Kalb

Trump blocked the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” after she jurled a few jokes at him. Afterward, Kalb tweeted that she was mortified yet unsurprised “that the leader of the free world could be so wounded by the gentle ribbing of a comedy writer.” She also called Trump a “snowflake.”


Trump blocked the progressive veterans advocacy group after it harshly criticized his Muslim travel ban and his entanglements with Russia. But Votevets was unfazed, later tweeting that “The Commander in Chief can block @VoteVets, the voice of 500k military veterans and families, but we will NOT be silenced.”

Holly O’Reilly

The musician/activist was probably #BlockedByTrump after tweeting a photo of him and an all-black-clad Melania with the caption, “Dress for the job you want. #widow,” or calling him a “bloody idiot.” O’Reilly claims Trump violated her constitutional rights by blocking her, and after it happened told Time, “It’s like FDR took my radio away.”

Andy Signore

The Emmy-nominated writer was incensed after Trump took London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s words out of context and claimed Khan didn’t care about the victims of the London terror attacks. So Signore slammed Trump on Twitter – and was blocked in return.

John Niven

The “Kill Your Friends” author is a #BlockedByTrump O.G; Trump blocked him sometime around November 9, 2016. Niven turned a screenshot of the block notification into a badge of honor, tweeting “I’m blocked on Twitter by the President of the United States. Strange days.”

Jimmy Smagula

This actor was #BlockedByTrump, but not by first daughter Ivanka, a fact he used to his advantage after sge tweeted a widely-mocked tribute to “my LGBT friends” at the start of Pride Month. TELL YOUR A****** FATHER AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT” he said on June 2.

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