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Anti-Trump Playlist: 11 Songs Against New President (Videos)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Donald Trump is entering the Oval Office with the lowest approval rating of any incoming president since Jimmy Carter. Millions nationwide will march against him the day after he is inaugurated. There’s a lot of rage going around, and it’s being reflected in our music. Here’s a playlist of anti-Trump anthems that have been created since DJT began his road to the White House.

Green Day turned the president into a monster in the lyric video for their latest single, “Troubled Times.” The last Republican president inspired Green Day to make “American Idiot.” Who knows what they will make in the the next four years.

Anohni collaborated with the experimental sister duo CocoRosie to create “Smoke ‘Em Out,” a song they hope will serve as a call to the “weary-disappointed hearts of so many crest-fallen citizens.” Don’t think that Anohni is an Obama fan anymore, though. She wrote a song about her disillusionment with the President of Hope.

In the days leading up to the inauguration, Fiona Apple promoted the National Women’s March with “Tiny Hands,” a song that features a chant that Apple wants to be yelled out at The March: “We don’t want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants!”

Though they never mention the president, A Tribe Called Quest’s latest single “We The People…” clearly calls out the xenophobic rhetoric that became so prevalent in 2016. Sample lyrics: “Muslims and gays/boy we hate your ways.”

Moby came out the day before the inauguration with a new music video for his song “Erupt and Matter.” The video includes Trump among images of riots, terrorism and Bashar al-Assad.

Trump was such a big deal that Gorillaz ended a six-year hiatus to release a song against him. “Hallelujah Money” features a Trump Tower-like lobby and lyrics that attack greed.

Death Cab For Cutie’s “Million Dollar Loan” attacks Trump’s boasts about his business track record. The title refers to the loan Trump got from his father to help start his business empire.

But by far the most rage-filled anti-Trump anthem you’ll find is Brujeria‘s “Vive Presidente Trump!”. The Spanish lyrics, told from the perspective of bloodletting Mexican drug bandits, hope for a Trump presidency “because he wants war, just like us. If he starts it, we’ll finish it.” The track ends with the sounds of the grindcore band hacking our new president to pieces with machetes. Yikes.


Source: the wrap feed