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Beyoncé Secretly Gives Birth to Twins (Report)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It seems the pregnancy so powerful it dominated the 2017 Grammys and forced last minute changes to the Coachella music festival is over, and Beyoncé has given birth to twins, according to People and US Weekly. The singer and husband Jay Z have not released any statement confirming the news.

Citing multiple sources, US weekly says the twins were born earlier this week, which might explain why Jay Z was so happy on Thursday night that he named and thanked every single one of his hip hop influences.

Beyoncé and Jay Z announced she was pregnant with twins on February 1 with an instantly-iconic photo shoot that sparked a storm of memes on Twitter. She followed that up with a widely celebrated performance two weeks later at the 2017 Grammys, in which she appeared on stage dressed as a mother goddess, wearing an elaborate crown and wrapped in gauze, her pregnancy front and center.

However, even the Queen Bey needed to rest, and by the end of the month she announced that on the recommendation of her doctor, she was dropping out of her scheduled headliner gig at Coachella. Lady Gaga was tapped to replace her, and Beyoncé will be performing at the 2018 festival instead.

Even if the news isn’t official, Twitter treated it as a fact. Beyoncé’s fans celebrated with memes and general freaking out. Read on for a sampling.

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