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Bill Maher Asks Liberals Who Didn’t Vote for Hillary Clinton ‘What Do You Say Now?’ (Video)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bill Maher thinks enough time has passed in Donald Trump’s presidency to pose an important question to a select group of Democrats: “to those liberals who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary because she was the ‘lesser of two evils’ — quite a bit lesser — what do you say now?”

The marking of Trump’s 100th day in office was, as Maher said on his HBO show “Real Time” Friday night, made into a big deal by “the media, the White House and political junkies.” Although he wants to move on, he has a bone to pick with some left-leaning voters that has nothing to do with reliving the last election or his thoughts on Hillary Clinton.

Now, he says, it’s about winning the next election, “and that begins with learning the difference between an imperfect friend and a deadly enemy.”

Maher quoted former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein saying of Clinton and Trump, “to me, one is death by gunshot wound and the other is death by strangulation. Then he recalled Cornell West saying, “Trump will be a neofascist catastrophe and Clinton will be a Neo liberal disaster.” Maher asked, “Have you people lost your f—ing mind?!”

He said listing all of the “f– ups, reversals, conflicts of interest and embarrassments Trump has committed in 100 days” would require him to stop halfway through to shave.

“If Hillary was president now, would we be turning the clock back on the one issue for which there is no more time, climate change?” Maher asked. “Would we be having to wonder if our president’s love of dictators foreshadows some kind of coup here? Would anyone have to wonder if she was Putin’s bitch? And instead of trying to kick millions off health care to pay for a tax cut for herself, she’d be trying to raise her own taxes to get more people covered.”

Maher continued: “Do you really think if just-as-evil-Hillary had been elected conservatives would now be in control of the Supreme Court as they will for decades? Just wait until the 5 to 4 decisions start rolling in gutting unions, making it harder for minorities to vote, siding with polluters, overturning abortion rights. Then maybe you’ll join me in saying to the liberal purists… go f— yourselves with the locally grown organic cucumber.”

Watch the whole “Real Time” segment above.

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