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Monday, February 1, 2021

‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ Film Review: Nicolas Cage Grimaces and Bears It Through Baffling Genre Mishmash

Prolific and wildly eccentric Japanese auteur Sion Sono has spent most of his career at the dizzying point at which arthouse bravado meets grindhouse gonzo, and his best films stretch the limits of narrative so far as to leave viewers simultaneously gobsmacked and exhilarated. It’s perhaps inevitable that he would cross paths with Nicolas Cage,…

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

‘Glitch in the Matrix’ Film Review: Trippy Documentary Questions the Nature of Reality

Director Rodney Ascher’s specialty is obsession, but his approach succeeds as compassion. After giving voice to people consumed by “The Shining” (“Room 237”), ventriloquist dummies (“The Wooden Boy”) and sleep paralysis (“The Nightmare”), he’s shifted his attention to simulation theory with “Glitch in the Matrix,” premiering at Sundance just before it goes into wider release….

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