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Colbert Tries to Figure Out What George W Bush Said to Obama at Disaster Relief Concert (Video)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

No one knows what George W. Bush whispered to Barack Obama that caused him to break out into laughter while Bill Clinton delivered a speech on Saturday at the One America Appeal Concert to raise money for hurricane relief. But Stephen Colbert used the top of tonight’s episode of “The Late Show” to try and figure it out.

Well, and also to beg all five surviving former presidents to save the country (presumably from Trump).

“It’s nice, it’s really nice that they could all be there together, having fun and HELP US WHY AREN’T YOU HELPING US?!,” Colbert said after showing a clip of Bush and Obama’s private joke moment. “Come back! All of you! At once. Please.”

That aside, Colbert then set about trying to guess what it was, exactly, that Dubya mumbled that Barry found so funny. Examples:

“Hey. Were you born in Kenya?”

“Twenty bucks if you pants Clinton right now.”

“Yo real quick, where’s Puerto Rico?”

There’s a few more, plus information on donating to hurricane relief< and you can watch the whole clip below:

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