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Julia Roberts Turns 50: Her Evolution From ‘Mystic Pizza’ to ‘Wonder’ (Photos)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Julia Roberts has become one of the most respected and highly paid actors in Hollywood. Her long road to fame has been marked with many milestone, and we can track those milestones through the many, many hairstyles she’s sported on the big screen.

Roberts’ first big role came in 1988 with the coming-of-age movie “Mystic Pizza,” which starred her as pizzeria waitress Daisy Arujo. Her first Golden Globe win and Oscar nomination came the following year with her tragic role as the diabetic expectant mom Shelby.

Still, it wasn’t until “Pretty Woman” in 1990 that Roberts made her case as a lead actress and caught the attention of moviegoers worldwide. She was paid $300,000 for her role in this movie, but after it became a box office hit, her pay grade went through the roof.

Roberts next branched out into more intense fare in 1991 with “Sleeping With The Enemy,” where she played a woman on the run from her wealthy but extremely abusive husband.

That same year, Roberts got her hair changed to a pixie cut to play Tinker Bell in “Hook,” Steven Spielberg‘s maudlin take on Peter Pan.

13 years after getting paid in the mid six-digits for “Pretty Woman,” Roberts got paid $25 million to star in “Mona Lisa Smile.” It was the highest amount ever earned by an actress in Hollywood history.

In 2007, Roberts starred alongside Tom Hanks in the Aaron Sorkin movie, “Charlie Wilson’s War,” playing Texas socialite Joanne Herring

In 2010, Roberts starred in “Eat Pray Love,” a story about a woman who gives up her comfortable life and goes on a worldwide voyage of self-discovery.

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