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Process Server Health

Monday, October 9, 2017

Diet fads, new exercise programs, nutrition guides, oh my! It is clear that health is a growing topic of concern in our society today, and process servers need to be paying extra attention to their health, as it can affect the ability to serve papers. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a process server, one should focus on balancing their lives with physical activity and mental health.

Physical Health


Process serving requires a lot of time in the car, driving to and from locations to serve papers, or to and from the courthouse. Because driving can be exhausting, we often don’t realize that sitting in a car all day is still, well, sitting. Too much time in a car can be problematic, as sedentary lifestyles often have implications on overall health, and are associated with heart health, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. To balance all this driving time, process servers can look to increase their time walking or engaging in other cardiovascular activities while not on the job.


Being on the go, it is easy and convenient to grab a quick fast food meal between serves. However, these high-calorie meals can add up quickly and turn into health issues related to high sodium and sugar intake. In the long run, the danger to your health isn’t worth the convenience. Instead of ordering to-go, save time and money by preparing your meals in advance. During your off-hours, prepare meals and snacks for the week. That way you’ll be ready for a healthy meal for the day and not worry about finding lunch, no matter where you end up serving papers.


When you’re not in the car and are completing routine desk work, it can prove beneficial to invest in a standing desk or try to take breaks to walk around. Certain standing desks adjust to sitting or standing, giving you flexibility throughout the day. Think about changing up your routine and give your body some options! Adjusting and moving your body helps muscle strength, flexibility, energy, and overall health.

Many researchers settle on 10,000 steps as a daily goal, but simply just increasing the amount that you move every day can improve your health.

Mental Health

Process servers can often be stressed to meet deadlines and balance their clients and workload. At its worst, stress can contribute to mental illness, but even small levels of stress can affect your work/life balance and your business.

Since process servers regularly encounter dangerous situations, it is important that servers remain calm and reasonable. The stress of a potentially dangerous situation, such as assault, may cause anxiety or other issues. It is important to note how your job affects you and seek appropriate treatment if you find yourself overly stressed or anxious.

Mental illness can affect individuals regardless of stress levels or profession. It is important to treat mental health seriously and address any issues as real problems, seeking professional help on behalf of yourself or others. There is no shame in seeking treatment for mental health problems! Doing so can help improve your daily life.

Your Health Matters

Process servers should put an emphasis on managing their physical and mental health on a daily basis. Improve your life satisfaction, longevity, and career success by recognizing your body’s needs. And, of course, we need healthy process servers like you to maintain an effective and streamlined legal system.

Source: ServeNow