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Arson / Fire

Arizona licensed detective – Arson/Fire

Arson Fire

Most of the time, investigations on arson are done to find out what caused a fire to happen in the first place. This investigation is imperative because it allows the responsible party to be held accountable for their actions. To get to the bottom of things, a good Arizona licensed detective may use an array of forensic tools to determine the facts of each case.

A Arizona licensed detective will use the information gathered to openly testify in a court of law, providing expert witness to the judge and jury on your behalf. Using a variety of techniques to gather the appropriate evidence, a specialized Arizona investigator can utilize their findings against an arson suspect and get you the justice you deserve.

Unfortunately for some victims of arson, proving that a fire was deliberately started is often difficult, if not impossible. Despite the fact that many arson investigators have lots of experience as professional firefighters, the nature of a fire usually means that the evidence needed has been lost in the flames. That’s where a Arizona licensed detective comes into play.

What Can an Arizona licensed detective Do For Your Case?

A Arizona licensed detective will have a deep knowledge of fire. In general, your investigator will be able to examine the site to determine the following details:

  • The type of fuel that was used to accelerate the fire
  • The specific details regarding how that particular fuel ignites and accelerates
  • The impact that the fuel source has on the development of the blaze

Because arson cases are so prevalent, accounting for billions of dollars in damages each year, finding the best Arizona licensed detective is extremely vital, even if you are not yet the victim of such an offense. Unfortunately, less than 20% of all arson cases end in an arrest. This is because a Arizona licensed detective was not used during the fact-finding portion of the case.

When Is an Arizona licensed detective Needed?

Although fires happen all the time, not all of them are a result of foul play or arson. However, you will need to quickly hire an Arizona licensed detective if any of the following are true about your case:

  • Your property has been damaged by the fire
  • You or someone you know has been accused as the arsonist
  • You are responsible for the insurance policy of the damaged property

What Happens During a Routine Arson Investigation?

Many Arizona licensed detectives have their own techniques when it comes to the fact-finding portion of an investigation. After all, discovering who or what is responsible for arson requires a lot of time and energy for close inspection of the site. When you hire an Arizona licensed detective, however, you will most likely experience the following:

  • A question-answer session with the investigator to determine basic details of the case
  • A visit at the location of the fire from the investigator
  • A round of interviews with witnesses
  • A photographic documentation of the arson site
  • A written documentation of the arson site, including facts regarding to materials, damages, and accelerant residues
  • A scientific testing of the materials gathered during the on-site investigation

*IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been determined that many arsonists return to the scene of the crime after the deed has been done. With that knowledge, a good Arizona licensed detective will likely provide surveillance on your property during the investigation, as well as criminal background checks on all plausible witnesses and/or suspects.

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