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Cell Phone Records

Arizona licensed detective – Cell Phone Records

Cell Phone Records

Monitoring the activity on a cellular device can make all the difference in a number of instances. Cell phone records contain lists of calls and/or messages that were either sent or received by that number. In some cases, cell phone records even contain information about the cost of each call or message. With that data, a thorough investigation can be conducted for a variety of purposes by an Arizona licensed detective.

The Importance and General Uses for Cell Phone Records Investigations

Most commonly, cell phone record investigations are considered to be a type of phone surveillance. Although phone surveillance can be a large part of an ongoing investigation, most of the evidence found can serve as its own full and independent investigation. The right Arizona licensed detective uses tools of trade needed to gather the most pertinent information through a cell phone’s usage records.

Common Uses for a Cell Phone Records Investigation

Cell phone records investigations, when performed by an Arizona licensed detective, can be extremely valuable. Comprehensive investigations, which include the search of cell phone records, can typically be used for the following purposes, though it is not a complete list:

  • Finding missing persons
  • Conducting asset searches
  • Skip tracing
  • Fugitive recovery
  • Process serving
  • Background checks for employees and businesses
  • Domestic investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Child custody
  • Cheating spouse investigations

Basically, whenever you require more information about an individual or business, it is best to hire an Arizona licensed detective. These days, most people use their smart phones to conduct business and carry on with their daily lives. A lot of valuable or potentially damaging information is contained there the average cell phone, which is why an expert is needed to help dig it out when it’s needed.

What Happens During a Routine Cell Phone Records Investigation?

When you hire an Arizona licensed detective to run a legal cell phone investigation, a lot of covert things begin to happen. By using various methods which utilize search warrants, social networking sites, personal contact information, and phone surveillance techniques, a good investigator can get to the bottom of any issue while still remaining within the confines of the law. Investigations lead by an Arizona licensed detective are legal and ethical in every way. In addition, the evidence gathered is admissible in court.

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