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Child Support / Custody

Arizona licensed detective – Child Support Custody

Child Support Custody

When a separation or a divorce occurs, it is important to understand all matters pertaining to the children involved. A good child support investigation can help to shield your children from potentially dangerous situations and even abuse. To ensure the safety of your kids, a responsible parent or the courts may hire an Arizona licensed detective to go on a fact-finding mission.

Why a Child Support Custody Investigation Is so Important?

It is vital to consider the well being of the children involved in a divorce or separation. A Arizona licensed detective can get to the bottom of your worries and concerns to reveal instances of abuse and neglect. A good investigation can discover chronic circumstances that paint a vivid and accurate picture of the child’s life while in the care of a custodial or non-custodial parent. In some cases, a thorough Arizona licensed detective can save a child’s life.

What Happens During a Child Support Custody Case?

Just like your children, each child support custody investigation is unique. However, there are some similarities. A basic child support custody investigation led by an Arizona licensed detective makes use of things like surveillance to determine what takes place during parenting time. Often, written statements, audio recordings, and video tapes are utilized to further the investigation until the right details are uncovered.

Keep in mind that a Arizona licensed detective will also question the parents. This involves asking them to fill out various questionnaires about their experiences as the caregiver of the child. In addition, a Arizona licensed detective might also interview witnesses for the court on behalf of the parents.

What Can Be Discovered During a Routine Child Support Custody Investigation?

An expert Arizona licensed detective can discover a lot about the parent in question. Many times, instances of reckless driving, drug or alcohol abuse, criminal involvement, and/or neglect are discovered during a routine investigation. In-depth investigations can reveal even more, and all the information can be used during court proceedings to ultimately benefit the welfare of the child.

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