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Judgment Recovery

Arizona licensed detective – Judgement Recovery

judgment recovery

Hiring a Arizona licensed detective to handle your judgment recovery case might be the only hope you have at ever finding justice or receiving the money that’s owed to you.

What Is Judgement Recovery?</strong>

Judgment recovery is basically the collection of monies owed by debtors who have been ordered by the courts to pay. In other words, if you have a court order that says you’re owed money from an individual or business and they aren’t paying up, a Arizona licensed detective can track down your money. The investigation is conducted with the use of the following methods:

  • Background checks
  • Asset searches
  • Tracers
  • Surveillance
  • Forensic accounting
  • Fugitive recovery
  • Employment/Employer checks
  • Audio/Visual/CCTV recordings

Too often, a court orders someone to pay a debt for damages and the creditor never sees a penny. This is because debtors hide assets, refuse to make payments, or seemingly disappear from existence. A good Arizona licensed detective can help to discover the debtor’s whereabouts and find out how to get the money you’re owed.

Sometimes, creditors are held responsible for pursuing their own recovery without the help of the courts. This is when a Arizona licensed detective is especially needed. Qualified private investigators are able to locate and identify people, places, and things with ease.

What Is a Writ of Execution?

A judge may order a Writ of Execution before a debt is paid off. A Writ of Execution is simply a court order which states that a court officer (usually a Sherriff) will be taking possession of your property in order to pay off a debt. This court order will allow the court officer to do the following:

  • Seize non-expect property and/or assets from the debtor’s possession.
  • Sell said property and/or assets in an auction.
  • Return the monies owed by debtor to the creditor

If you have been served with a Writ of Execution or would like to have one served on a debtor, contact a Arizona licensed detective right away.

What Can an Arizona licensed detective Do During a Judgment Recovery Investigation?

Hiring a Arizona licensed detective to handle your judgment recovery investigation is not only smart, but it’s also usually necessary. If you have been awarded a court judgment, then the debtor has no choice but to pay you. A Arizona licensed detective can make sure you get your money by:

  • Locating the debtor
  • Investigating property, assets, and behavior of the debtor

Then, a Arizona licensed detective can use the evidence they found to compel the courts to:

  • Garnish wages
  • Host a forced sale of assets
  • Repossess property
  • Seize bank accounts
  • Evict

Recent studies have shown that more than 80% of all court ordered judgments go uncollected. While you can never force a debtor to hand you money, you can hire an Arizona licensed detective to build a strong case against them in case they try to appeal the order and get out of paying you. Your judgment can also collect interest over time, but the longer you wait the harder it will be to recover your money.

For more information on having a judgment recovery investigation conducted on your behalf, or to hire an Arizona licensed detective immediately, call 844-663-4631. We provide you with a free initial consultation and price quote for our services.



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