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Video Surveillance / Photo Surveillance

Arizona licensed detective – Video and Photo Surveillance

video surveillance

Monitoring a subject using images is known as video or photographic surveillance. Video and photo surveillance are both types of investigative tools that are commonly used to collect evidence. What that evidence is used for is dependent upon the client who launches the investigation. In addition, a Arizona licensed detective is typically needed to ensure the legality and ethics of said evidence collection.

What Is Video and Photo Surveillance?

With the help of a Arizona licensed detective, you can easily monitor a person, place, or thing without breaking any laws. Video surveillance used video cameras to watch a designated area or record sounds. Photo surveillance is pretty much the same, expect it doesn’t record sound and all images captured are motionless. Both types of surveillance are an essential part of the Arizona licensed detective’s tool box, and both can provide you with the vital data you need.

Types of Video and Photo Surveillance

There are a few different forms of video and/or photo surveillance. Be sure to discuss your needs with the Arizona licensed detective you hire. Below is a list of the 3 most common types of video or photo surveillance:

  • Home Security – pertaining to video or photo surveillance which monitors a home, includes nanny cams
  • Property – pertains to video or photo surveillance which monitors a business and/or investments, includes employee and fraud investigation surveillance
  • Targeted Video – pertains to video or photo surveillance of a specific person or event, includes infidelity, fraud, criminal investigations, and mystery shopping surveillance

Choosing the Best Video or Photo Surveillance

Once you have narrowed down which type of video or photo surveillance investigation you require, it is important to choose the kinds of video or photo equipment you want the Arizona licensed detective to use. While a Arizona licensed detective is likely to have his or her own methods, it’s still necessary for you to communicate your needs before launching an investigation. The most common kinds of video or photo equipment to choose from are as follows:

  • Digital Cameras – capture images and sounds, can be saved on a computer and enhanced
  • Close Circuit Television (CCTV) – affordable and reliable way to record images in public places for security purposes
  • On-Person Equipment – used for targeted surveillance, includes still and video images and is also admissible in most court cases
  • Board Cameras – capture images using a miniscule video or photo device, can be transmitted to a computer and viewed remotely

Regardless of your need for video or photo surveillance, a Arizona licensed detective should be the first and only expert you call to provide it for you. Not only will you be able to monitor a subject remotely and legally, but any evidence you collect during the investigation can be used during trial preparation and presented to the court. Be sure to speak with a good Arizona licensed detective before launching a video or photo surveillance investigation on your own, or else you could face legal ramifications.

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