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That Time Bryan Cranston Got Caught Having Sex in a Swiss Alps Train Station (Video)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bryan Cranston stopped by “The Graham Norton Show” Friday to promote his new memoir, “A Life in Parts,” and told of a honeymoon trip through the Swiss Alps that involved a flatbed train car, a long, dark tunnel, and a really embarrassing moment.

Wanting a spectacular honeymoon, Cranston and his wife of now 29 years, Robin, planned a five-month trek through Europe, starting in Switzerland. Their travel agent recommended a train ride with their car riding on a flatbed, and the Cranstons inside their car.

The agent added that the train would pass through three tunnels along the way — the first tunnel was about five minutes, the second about eight to 10 minutes and the third 50 minutes long. Cranston said with a wink, “Say no more.”

The Cranstons booked the trip.

“I’m trying to get my trousers off, she’s trying to lower her chair,” Cranston remembered of the third tunnel. Sooner then they expected, “We were coming to a station. Then, boom! Sunlight!”

And the reaction of the passengers in the cars in front of and behind them when they  saw the couple was priceless. Watch the video below for Cranston’s retelling.

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