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The Best Cars for Process Servers

Monday, July 2, 2018

The nature of process service means that servers are in their cars and traveling to various locations to serve papers and visit courthouses every day. The right mode of transportation is essential to run a successful business. When deciding what car is best for your career as a process server, consider the following:

Good Gas Mileage

Traveling into the city or remote areas is common for process servers as service locations constantly change. Regardless of your coverage area, you will want to buy a car with good gas mileage. Saving money on gas will help your bottom line. When looking at cars, consider those that get 30+ miles per gallon.

Electric or hybrid cars are a suitable choice for process servers as their gas mileage is often the best on the market. For example, the Hyundai Elantra can get up to 40 miles per gallon on the highway. That exemplary gas mileage is perfect for process servers who are constantly on the road.

Small Size

In accordance with the above, smaller cars often get the best gas mileage as there is less weight to pull. But there are more reasons to get a small car for process service than just your gas budget. Smaller cars are easier to drive in traffic (think fewer blind spots) and can fit into tight parking spots. Those advantages can prove essential for the urban process server who is weaving through town.

Backup Camera

Backup cameras are extremely useful for process servers who serve in urban areas and need to find parking – which more often than not is parallel parking. Backup cameras help ensure that you don’t find yourself denting a bumper and safely park in the smallest spots. A backup camera is worth the investment to help bolster your parking confidence.


Be sure that your car is built for longevity since you will put many miles on the car. As a process server, you will be putting more miles on your car than average car owners. Therefore, a car designed to last is a top priority. A Toyota Prius is great for gas mileage, but did you know that 95% of Prius’ sold since 2005 are still being driven today? Toyota and Honda brand automobiles are also typically known for their longevity – often reaching 200,000 miles or more.

Since your car is your lifeline while serving legal documents, be sure to invest in a car that will last you through the years.


Having a reliable car is important as time spent in the car shop is time spent not serving papers. Low maintenance and reliability are the standards for process servers, so be to ask what the routine maintenance schedule is for your vehicle of choice. We recommend taking your car into the shop for each scheduled maintenance to avoid a big issue that leaves your car-less for weeks. Also, do your research to see if a car needs specific manufacture parts or if standard parts used across automakers will work. This helps to keep overhead costs low.

However, even with the most reliable cars, accidents and breakdowns do happen. For these scenarios, many car insurers offer roadside support to help get you back up and running. AAA also offers roadside assistance, towing, lockout services, battery jump-starts, and more. With a profession that often has you on the road, be sure that you have resources to help you.

Additional Features

While cars have a utilitarian purpose, it doesn’t hurt to have a few fun features that make the drive more enjoyable! As you will be on the road often, you should invest in a car that can connect to your smartphone to play your favorite playlists or podcasts. Wireless connections and touch displays can make the process of connecting to your favorite audio media easy.

An electronic key to unlock car quickly is convenient and handy rather than fumbling trying to manually unlock your car. As a process server, remotely unlocking your car to get in as quickly as possible is necessary in dangerous situations. This feature is convenient but also applicable to your job.

A Car for Your Lifestyle

After considering all the above aspects of choosing a car, the decision ultimately comes down to what suits your lifestyle. For example, if you are a process server who serves in the city but likes to retreat to the mountains, consider a car that will work for both activities. The perfect car will work for both your work and personal life.

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