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‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s ‘Hamilton’ Polka Medley Is Patriotically Awesome (Audio)

Friday, March 2, 2018

“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and musical comedy legend “Weird Al” Yankovic are huge fans of each other’s work. Miranda grew up on Al’s music and considers him a major influence, and Al has of course seen “Hamilton” and like 99 percent of humanity considers it awesome.

Better still, the pair are also good friends — they were even kicking it together the day both their Hollywood stars were announced, and they found out about it at the same time.

But the mutual admiration has also become a creative partnership of sorts. It started back in 2016, when Miranda joined Al onstage at a show in New York City to sing along during the refrain of Al’s (incredibly awesome) Kinks parody “Yoda.” And Thursday night, Al repaid the favor when he dropped his latest track, a barnstorming polka medley of the soundtrack to “Hamilton.” You can listen to it above.

I don’t have any “Hamilton” puns to add because I haven’t seen the musical yet. Don’t kill me, there’s a million things I haven’t done OK TURNS OUT I HAD ONE PUN FOR YOU YOU’RE WELCOME. But I can definitely report that “The Hamilton Polka” is super dope.

And if you’re curious, here’s the clip of Lin-Manuel joining Al for “Yoda” in the room where it happens BOOM ANOTHER ONE FOR YOU. Anyway, Miranda drops in at minute 2:35. Enjoy.

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